“Strong as an oak, flexible as a willow”

Welcome to our website, what you will find is the result of more than twenty years of research, travels, sweat, reconstruction and experimentation, but also of passion, passion for an oriental martial art.

It seems a paradox, but this art is one of the most discussed and at the same time most mysterious of martial stories; to trace its history there are articles, books, videos, films and even a television series; in short, we have many news on this discipline, yet it always comes back with a little black halo whenever we try to trace its birth and evolution. The martial art that we are talking about is Vinh Xuan (Vietnamese branch of Wing Chun).

The origins of our school
The history of our school begins in August 1993 in Hanoi (Vietnam); we are in the mid-afternoon of a working day, there are many people around despite the infernal heat and the terrible humidity, the scooters whiz around, the bikes are everywhere and the smell of food can be perceived at any corner of the street; in this oriental frame there are also some Italians who are looking for a street, a house, there is a person who is waiting for them … that person is 75 year-old man, with a slim build and black hair, he speaks French with a Vietnamese accent and observing him you can easily understand that he is a very cultured, refined and hospitable; we can therefore say that our story was born on that August afternoon, as the person who welcomed those Italians was Ngô Sĩ Quý, the one who made foreigners fall in love with the martial art of which he was a teacher.

Today, under the guidance of Master Tran Hau Tuan (a student of the late master Ngo Si Qui), our Italian school has firmly taken the commitment to spread out his teaching relating to Vinh Xuan, in all its completeness, both regarding martial art and qi gong, in order to keep this Vietnamese branch of Wing Chun alive and prosper in our country too. Davide Nucera is responsible for the Vinh Xuan school in Italy on behalf of Master Tran Hau Tuan.

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