“Skillful training, targeted discipline”

Vinh Xuan Classic” contains the study of Vinh Xuan (Vietnamese Wing Chun) in its entirety, as handed down to us by our master Tram Hau Tuan.

The essence of Vinh Xuan Classic resides in:
– the knowledge of the Three Universal Forces of Jinh, Shen and Chi;
the knowledge of the Two General Strategies;
– the understanding of the Five Tactics;
– the mastery of the Four Techniques.

In master Tuan’s Vinh Xuan school, the classical aspect is a fascinating journey in which the practitioner can operate a personal moral and spiritual elevation through a deep knowledge of himself. The initial approach includes a path that goes:

From the body to the mind: the study of breathing (source of primary life of the human being) in association with the non-traumatic structuring of a strong and flexible body. Vinh Xuan is the starting point for an optimal state of body health; from the very first months of practice the student will be able to experience a significant change in his physical strength.

From the mind to the body: A natural consequence of a physical change is the change in the psychological aspect. By developing a tangible and observable change in one’s own body, even emotions and thoughts will inevitably change; there will be a better introspection, observation of one’s own behavior and a better social interaction which will influence self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-efficacy, orienting us towards a better expression of ourselves.


Vinx Xuan Classic