“Strong as an oak, flexible as a willow”

Chi Kung “Qi Gong” is a fundamental aspect in the practice of Vinh Xuan for the purpose of a better psycho-physical well-being.

Chi Kung as handed down to us by the master Tram Hau Tuan, is characterized by harmonious, fluid and natural exercises which improve not only mobility and joint flexibility, but also the harmonization between the internal organs, the increase in lung capacity and the stimulation of hormonal production, bringing a better coordination between the internal and external aspects of our body.

Through Chi Kung the practitioner will:

• reach an optimal control of its breath and mental processes (it is known that a calm and deep breathing promotes a calm and reflective mind);
• strengthening the physical faculties improving external force (muscles, tendons, bones) and internal (organs) of our body;
• stimulate our concentration and our focus of thoughts;
• balance the “Chi flow” in our body.

Qi Gong gives a pleasant feeling of well-being since the first approaches, making the practitioner feel new strength, making his body and his mind relaxed but alert. Constant training in paying attention to the breathing is an important tool for managing situations such as anxiety, panic or stress. Resuming contact with our own breath is equivalent to be owners of our own body and emotions.

General program:

• 8 “Man” breathing exercises
• 8 “Dragon” breathing exercises
• 8 “Snake” breathing exercises
• 8 ” Tiger and Leopard ” breathing exercises
• 8 “Crane” breathing exercises
• 9 exercises to restore the Qi flow
• 8 Nei Kung static exercises for mental focusing
• 12 Nei Kung exercises – Tiger
• 18 Nei Kung exercises – Dragon / Crane






Qualche video per conoscere meglio il Qi Gong del Vinh Xuan